Safe Ways to Quit Smoking

When making a decision to quit smoking, it is important to consider two things. The first is the addiction to nicotine and the second is to think about how smoking is built into your life. Can you think of a time that you've went to light a cigarette to realize one's already lit? It's important to understand why you're reaching for a cigarette - Are you having a craving or because you always reach for one when you get on the phone or get into the car?

Set a quit date! Pick a date you want to quit. Let your family and friends know. Plan for your quit date by getting rid of your cigarettes or other tobacco products, ashtrays, lighters, etc. Make your home and vehicle smoke-free. Focus on your goal and your reasons for quitting.

Nicotine replacement and other medications are available to aid in your quit attempt. If you would like to use something to help you quit, visit your practitioner, quit team or look for nicotine replacement products at the pharmacy. Know that, although they may feel intense, a craving only lasts a few minutes. Have a plan as to how to work through your craving.

Understand what your triggers are for wanting a cigarette. For some it's seeing others smoke. For others it's after a meal, when completing a task, or socializing. Have a plan to deal with your triggers.