Advanced Cancer and Palliative Care

Living with Advanced Cancer

The "Changing Focus: Living with Advanced Cancer" Initiative at CancerCare Manitoba is working to support advanced cancer patients and health care providers as patients transition into a primarily palliative approach to care.

A "transitional appointment" is conducted by the health care team at CancerCare Manitoba. At this appointment patients are provided with a package that includes their individual cancer history, standardized care plans, written information about palliative care and symptom management, unique issues for caregivers, as well as details about local supports and resources. The community primary care provider is provided with the patient's cancer history and a copy of the standardized care plan.

Through enhanced communication and planning we hope to avoid fragmentation and ensure patients are aware of what to expect in treatment.

This initiative has currently been rolled out for advanced lung and gynecology cancer patients. Work is underway with other patient groups. Stay tuned for updates on this website for additional tools and resources available for use.

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