Living with Advanced Cancer

The Changing Focus: Living with Advanced Cancer Initiative at CancerCare Manitoba is working to support patients with a diagnosis of advanced cancer by developing follow up care plans. Your follow up care plan (Part 1, 2, 3, and 4) was given to you at your most recent clinic appointment with your oncology team. Your follow up care plan is made up of four parts:

Part 1 - Advanced Cancer Care Plan
This is an individual patient plan that outlines your cancer history, as well as symptoms to watch out for, and the care that you may need going forward. It looks like this:

If you have misplaced your Part 1 package, please call your oncology nurse and they can print and mail you a new copy.
Part 2 - Emotional and Practical Aspects of Care
This booklet will help you think about decisions you may need to make in the future, as well as practical information on programs that can assist you. This booklet also contains information about provincial resources and services. It outlines the programs or people available within CancerCare Manitoba to meet the needs you may have related to your advanced cancer. Part 2 is available by clicking here: "Emotional and Practical Aspects of Care."
Part 3 - Managing Symptoms
This booklet will provide you with information about symptoms (pain or discomfort) you may experience and the various things that can be done to manage the symptoms. Several symptoms are described in this booklet. Some symptoms you may experience and some of the symptoms you may not feel at all. Part 3 is available by clicking here: "Managing Symptoms".
Part 4 - Support for Family and Caregivers
We've heard many caregivers or family members of patients with advanced cancer say they wish they had known some things earlier in the cancer experience. There are many tips included in this booklet. Use this book in whatever way works best for you, as the caregiver of someone living with advanced cancer. Part 4 is available by clicking here: "Support for Family and Caregivers."
Palliative Care Resources in Manitoba - Palliative care programs are available across the province of Manitoba and are organized under each regional health authority. The health care team at CancerCare Manitoba can help to link you with the program that is available where you live. Contact information for the program in your region is available in the Advanced Cancer Patient Information: Emotional and Practical Aspects of Care (Part 2 of 3) booklet - Additional Supports and Resources section (page 19)