Support Groups & Info Sessions

Support Groups

Many people find it helpful to meet with others in similar circumstances in a group setting. Research has shown that participation in a support group can be effective in diminishing the distress associated with cancer, both for people with cancer, as well as their loved ones.

There are a variety of support groups and programs available both within and outside Winnipeg. Some are time limited, some ongoing, some with professional facilitators, and others that are self help groups.

Some examples of support groups and programs that are currently offered through Patient and Family Support Services include:

Patients and families can also attend a variety of professionally led online support groups for those who prefer to stay at home and/or feel more anonymous.

New groups and programs are being developed all the time. For more information or to register for a group, please contact us directly at (204) 787-2109.

Peer Support

There is nothing quite like talking with someone else who has "been there". Whether face to face or over the phone, to connect with someone else who has had the same diagnosis and similar life circumstances call the CCS Cancer Connection at (204) 786-0616 or 1-800-263-6750, or contact the Breast Cancer Centre of Hope Peer Support Program at (204) 788-8080 or toll free 1-888-660-4866.