CancerCare Manitoba AfterCare Program

The CancerCare Manitoba AfterCare Program or CAP is a program for survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer.

The goal in the long-term follow-up of cancer is to stay as healthy as possible. Learning what you need to know about your past cancer treatment and required follow-up care can help you reach and maintain this goal.

When you are ready for yearly follow-up visits, your survivorship care will be taken over by the CAP program. This care is currently provided in the same location as your previous follow-up, at CancerCare Manitoba, Clinic 5, 3rd floor, on designated days.

The focus of the clinic is to assess and screen for late effects (or problems) that can happen after cancer treatment, and to educate patients, families and family doctors regarding these possible late effects. Healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention strategies are also reviewed.

For more information about the program, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.