Getting Help

It is almost always more helpful to acknowledge, experience and communicate your feelings than keep them inside.

Experience and research shows that there are ways to help you cope and regain a sense of control. Some people do this with family and/or friends. Others talk either one on one (peer support) or in a support group with those who have also "been there".

A great many individuals and families have found it helpful to talk to a professional counsellor from Psychosocial Oncology. A counselor can provide a safe and confidential place to talk and can help you turn a personal health crisis into a chance for hope and healing. We have social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists who have experience, training and knowledge to help you and your families cope with cancer and its treatments.

To find out more about our counseling services, what to expect from counseling, and whether you might benefit from it, click on the pamphlet in the box to the right.

See our staff listing to contact one of our staff or make a general inquiry. If you live outside Winnipeg, we can help you find resources in your community, or provide service over the phone or through Teleoncology.

We also offer a variety of information sessions, professionally facilitated support groups and special programs.  For all the programs, and groups that are available, see our Current Program listing.