Community Cancer Care 2016 Presentations

Conference Workshop

Anticipating and Addressing Clinical Challenges at the End of Life

Dr. Mike Harlos, Medical Director, Adult and Pediatric Palliative Care Program, WRHA
Sit Down, Lean In: The Importance Of Connection In Exploring Suffering

Dr. Kim Wiebe, Leader, Provincial MAID (Medical Assistance/Aid in Dying) Clinical Team
Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)

Lymphoma Sessions

Dr. Pamela Skrabek, Hematologist, CCMB
Know Your Nodes: Suspicion and Diagnosis of Lymphoma

Dr. Catherine Moltzan, Hematologist, CCMB
Lymphoma Treatment Modalities: The Big Picture

Dr. Roopesh Kansara, Hematologist, CCMB
The "CHOPS" and "Bends" of Lymphoma: Breakdown of Lymphoma and the Current Therapeutic Approaches

Dr. Kristjan Paulson, Hematologist, CCMB
The 5 W's of Autologous Stem Cell Transplant in Lymphoma

Dr. Naseer Ahmed, Radiation Oncologist, CCMB
Is There a Role of Radiation in the Management of Lymphomas?

Plenary Sessions

Elizabeth Payne, Supportive Care Coordinator, Community Oncology Program, CCMB
What About My Kids? Supporting Families When a Parent Has Cancer

Kristi Hofer, Senior Pharmacist, Operations - CCMB
Kristie Morydz, Nurse Practitioner, CCMB
Smoking Cessation in Oncology: It Takes a Team!

Breakout Sessions

Jordana Jones, Oncology Nurse, WMCC
The A, B, Cs of Radiation Skin Toxicities

Carla Pensack, Clinical Pharmacist, CCMB
With A Little Help From My Friends: Supportive Care Medications in Lymphoma

Dr. Erika Moller, Family Physician in Oncology, WMCC
Old Doc, New Tricks? Things I am Doing Differently this Year in my FPO Practice

Barb Hues, Nurse Educator, CCMB
Volume & Vulnerability: The Explosive Impact of Tumor Lysis Syndrome

Kristie Hofer, Senior Pharmacist, Operations, CCMB
Pat Trozzo, Director of Pharmacy, CCMB
Let's Interact - A Discussion on Managing Drug Interactions in Oncology

Ian Scott, Psychosocial Oncology Clinician, CCMB
Death and Dying in Families: Supporting Bereaved Family Members

Short Snappers

Grace Murray, Oncology Dietitian, WMCC
Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements in Cancer: Consensus or Notion Commotion

Dr. Ross Stimpson, Medical Lead, ColonCheck Manitoba
Colorectal Cancer Screening: To Scope or Not to Scope?

Dr. Joel Gingerich, Oncologist, CCMB
Checkpoint Inhibition: The New Cancer Treatment Revolution

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