Sharing the Electronic Record

CCMB’s unique cancer-specific electronic health record system forms the basis for the Network. Following the installation of hardware, software and a secure internet connection, staff at UPCON sites are trained in the use of the electronic health records known as ARIA.

From their clinic sites, trained physicians and primary health care providers have immediate access to information in the patient’s CCMB electronic health record to support clinical decision making and to provide support to patients and their families undergoing a cancer experience.

ARIA is used by CCMB’s two Winnipeg sites, but also by each Winnipeg Community Hospital Cancer Program, the Community Cancer Programs Network in rural Manitoba, the WRHA Breast Health Centre, Manitoba Prostate Centre and the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre located in Brandon.

The record of each patient affiliated with an UPCON site who is receiving care through any of the above mentioned programs may be accessed by their UPCON primary care provider. Access to specific patient information in the electronic health record has decreased duplication in lab tests and gives primary care providers a real time view of their patients’ cancer journey.