Hematology Lab

The mandate of the Hematology Laboratory is to provide support to patient care, and to the research activities of CancerCare Manitoba, by providing appropriate laboratory services in a safe and effective manner.

The laboratory technical staff consists of medical laboratory technologists and laboratory technicians. All staff are fully trained in blood drawing techniques and will ensure that your blood drawing experience is as positive as possible.

Blood is usually collected into tubes that contain a vacuum to assist in filling the tube. Some of the tubes may contain additives that prevent the blood from clotting. The number and type of tubes that will be drawn will depend upon what number and type of tests that your physician has ordered. If you are entered into a clinical trial, there may be blood tests needed. The clinic staff will inform you of any blood tests that are required and if there are any preparations necessary prior to the test.

The Hematology technical staff performs analyses on some of the blood drawn such as a Complete Blood Count (CBC). A CBC test is often required prior to the start of a chemotherapy treatment. The blood is drawn, tested quickly and the results made available electronically to the clinic staff. Specimens that are not tested in the Hematology Laboratory are sent to other destinations at the Health Sciences Center, the Cadham Provincial Laboratory or the Canadian Blood Services depending on the type of test ordered.

In children, blood is often obtained from a finger poke or micropuncture using a special lancet device. In adults blood is usually drawn from the arm veins, also called venipuncture, using a needle.

The laboratory is located centrally on the main floor. No appointments are given for blood tests as we operate on a first come, first serve basis.