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The Community Cancer Programs Network (CCPN) is a longstanding and innovative program of CancerCare Manitoba that works in partnership with the Regional Health Authorities to enable patients living outside of Winnipeg to receive their cancer care closer to home. The CCPN is comprised of 15 Community Cancer Programs (CCPs), the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre (WMCC), and the Community Cancer Resource and Support Program (CCRSP).

Community Cancer Program sites are outpatient units located in community hospitals and are staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of family physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals who have received specialized education in oncology. This group of specialists work with CancerCare Manitoba oncologists and staff to provide comprehensive cancer care, including chemotherapy, follow-up care and support closer to home, allowing patients to stay connected to their families and communities. The Oncologist maintains ongoing contact with the CCP team and retains overall responsibility for the patient's care. For more information about chemotherapy; please click here.

The first CCRSP site opened in 2010 in Eriksdale. The focus of the CCRSP is supportive care services across the cancer care spectrum, from pre-diagnosis through survivorship or palliative care. Unlike the CCPs and the WMCC, the CCRSP does not provide chemotherapy treatment.

In 2011, the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre opened in Brandon and the CCP previously located in Brandon Hospital was closed. The WMCC represents an important partnership between CancerCare Manitoba and the Western Regional Health Authority, providing radiation therapy services outside of Winnipeg for the first time, along with chemotherapy and support and outpatient care. For more information about radiation therapy; please click here

Collaboration between CancerCare Manitoba specialists and the staff of the CCPs, WMCC, and the CCSRP are supported through the use of the MBTelehealth Network which offers opportunities for consultation and education via videoconferencing.