CancerCare Manitoba
P-SAFE Study


A Pan-Canadian Study of Cancer Patient’s Out-of-Pocket Cost Survey (P-SAFE Study)

Have you seen a poster in your clinic?

You are invited to take part in this study on out-of-pocket costs and other financial burdens for cancer patients. The P-SAFE Study Team are hoping to learn about your cancer related expenses since your cancer diagnoses and see how these expenses may affect family finances. The costs included in this investigation are: medical costs, non-medical costs (travel, parking, daycare, etc.), and the impact of illness on ability to work. We are also hoping to understand your health insurance purchases and understand if additional insurance purchase would have been helpful in managing these costs.

By understanding the relationship between expense and province of service the findings from this research will provide new information that may facilitate improvement in patient and family financial burden. Results will inform policy-makers at the provincial and institutional level, and may result in policy changes to mitigate some of these financial issues for patients and their families in the medium to long term.

Six provinces are participating in this study. Study partners include the BC Cancer Agency, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (to be confirmed), CancerCare Manitoba, University Health Network (Ontario), Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Ontario), Daffodil Place (Newfoundland), Dr. H Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre (Newfoundland), Nova Scotia Cancer Centre (Nova Scotia), and Cape Breton Cancer Centre (Nova Scotia). The survey is being conducted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

We would appreciate you taking time to complete the questionnaire. If you are unable to respond for yourself, a caregiver may respond on your behalf. You will be asked to complete a survey at 3 different times: shortly after signing the consent form, then at 2 months and at 4 months after entering the study. Each survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The questionnaire may be completed online by following the instructions by going to the P-SAFE study website:

If at any time you would like to speak to a PSAFE study team member, please feel free to call toll-free at 1-855-524-1933.

Thank you for your time and help. Your effort will help us provide better care to all our patients.