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CCMB Breast & Gyne Cancer Centre of Hope supports a small staff and a large team of volunteers, many of whom are also "survivors". Together we offer and evaluate services, information and support.

Services offered on-site in Winnipeg:

  • in-person or telephone consultations with our Breast Cancer Navigator
  • in-person or telephone peer support
  • a lending library (books, videos, CD ROMs, DVDs & audio tapes)
  • a prosthesis and bra bank
  • Internet access
  • information on Winnipeg support and activity groups
  • volunteer opportunities
  • special educational and/or quality of life events

Services offered off-site and/or province-wide:

  • a toll-free telephone line (1-888-660-4866)
  • telephone consultations with a Breast Cancer Navigator
  • telephone peer support
  • access our lending library through email or by phone, toll-free
  • in-person or telephone information and support with a community contact volunteer in more than 20 different locales
  • special educational and/or quality of life events offered through Breast Cancer Information and Support Networks in the health regions
  • information on support and activity groups around the province
  • Our Voice, our BCCH newsletter
  • displays and presentation