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The internet, personal sharing, lectures, doctor's visits, libraries, nurse consultations and peer support may all be sources of the information you seek with respect to breast heath and breast cancer.

Where information from one source conflicts with information from another source, research the background for the information you have, consult your doctor or another health care professional, and/or keep digging.

The following questions may guide your evaluation of the information you discover in print, on the internet or from acquaintances:

  • does the information make sense
  • is it confirmed somewhere else
  • is it well reasoned out
  • is it offered without an eye to gain
  • are possible risks or limitations acknowledged

Keep Things in Perspective

More and more, the internet is a resource for quality information about breast health and breast cancer.

In general, you are encouraged to consider the following as you weigh the value of the information you discover on the internet:

  • who has set up or sponsors the web site
  • the date the information was last updated
  • possible reporting biases
  • comparison to information provided elsewhere
  • quality of references to research or actual experience

As a general rule of thumb, it may be best to track down information through links on reputable sites, knowing that others will have done what they could to verify the content.

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