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Work-Up of Suspected Cancer and Blood Disorders

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This page contains evidence-based guidelines which have been developed with input from CancerCare specialists from the relevant Disease Site Groups or have been created by multidisciplinary groups convened by the Cancer Patient Journey (“in Sixty”) Initiative. For additional guidance on the work up of suspected cancer, contact UPCON’s Cancer Question Helpline (see blue box right.)

Case-based education sessions have been developed and facilitators trained across the province – see information at the bottom of the page.

Clinical Guidance Algorithms by Disease Site Group

Breast Cancer
UPDATED: Work-Up of Suspected Breast Cancer
UPDATED: Diagnostic Specialist Resources for Suspected Breast Cancer
Fine Needle Aspiration of a Palpable Breast Mass Instructional Video for Clinicians
New: Breast Cancer Diagnosis Workshops

Colorectal Cancer
Work-Up of Suspected Colorectal Cancer
New: Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis Workshops

New & In Review: Work-up of Lymphadenopathy Suspicious for Lymphoma
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Work-up of Suspected Blood Disorders
Workup of High Ferritin
Workup of Iron Deficiency Anemia
Workup of Leukocytosis and Lymphocytosis
Workup of Lymphadenopathy
Workup of Pancytopenia
Workup of Pediatric_Anemias
Workup of Undiffernetiated Anemia

Indications for Thrombophilia Testing
Use and Duration for OAC
When to Order SPEP

Lung Cancer
Work-Up of Suspected Lung Cancer
New: Lung Cancer Diagnosis Workshops

Neck Mass
Approach to an Adult with a Lateral Neck Mass

Prostate Cancer
New & In Review: Work-up of Suspected High Grade Prostate Cancer
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Link to In Sixty Cancer Pathways Only

Cancer Diagnosis Workshops

These small group, case-based sessions are supported by the CCMB Community Oncology Program and available throughout the province, on request or combined with existing medical education events and sessions. Some are combined with U of M’s CPD Community Based program, so check your local listings. As sessions are scheduled, CME credits and registration details with will be posted at

If you are interested in attending a workshop or are looking for a presenter, or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the UPCON office – 204-784-0218.