CancerCare Manitoba
Referral Guidelines

  • Pediatric Referrals
  • Adult Referrals
  • Manitoba Prostate Centre

  • We have standardized our oncology and hematology referral processes in order to provide a simple and efficient method for referring physicians.

    The CCMB Central Referral Office serves all CCMB locations across the province including the Western Manitoba Cancer Centre Radiation Oncology Program. It is a central point of entry for referring physicians & nurse practitioners to access CCMB clinical services for patients requiring consultation. Patients requiring consultation can be new patients, re-referred patients and patients who were previously discharged.

    Emergency Referrals

    If the referral is emergent, please phone the "on call" medical or radiation oncologist, gynecologic oncologist, surgical service or hematologist through paging for Health Sciences Centre at 204-787-2071 or St. Boniface Hospital paging at 204-237-2053.

    For emergent pediatric referrals (prior to 17th birthday), please page the on call pediatric oncologist/hematologist through Health Sciences Centre at 204-787-2071.

    Non-Emergency Referrals

    The referral, together with the accompanying clinical diagnostic information, should be faxed to CancerCare Manitoba's Referral Office at 204-786-0621.

    Referrals should include:

    • new patient referral form
    • letter of referral including a recent history and physical examination; allergies; co-existing medical conditions; history of previous malignancies and treatments; current medications
    • pathology
    • operative reports
    • diagnostic imaging
    • blood work
    • other pertinent clinical information

    Lack of pertinent data MAY DELAY the referral process along with scheduling of the patient's appointment.

    If the referring physician has ordered investigations that have not yet been completed or results are pending, please provide dates and location of procedures if known.

    For those referring offices that submit referral information from an electronic chart source, CCMB requests the referral information be sent as separate documents, each labelled with the patient's name and health number. (E.g. X-ray report on one page, CBC on a separate page, operative report on another page, CT scan on its own page, etc.).

    * For patients who require a CCMB consult appointment, the patient will be contacted directly with their appointment details.

    * If the referred patient does not necessitate a clinic appointment, a letter may be sent back to referrer with recommendations for care.

    In addition to the CCMB referral guidelines for non-emergency and emergency referrals, referring health care professionals may download the required information relative to each case they refer. Please refer to the specific disease site groups below.