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CCMB Practice Guidelines

Welcome to the Clinical Practice Guidelines Initiative Internet pages. Here you will find all approved CCMB Practice Guidelines and Practice Tools developed by CancerCare Manitoba; information about the process of developing guidelines at CCMB; and other resources.

Our Process
CCMB Practice Guidelines are considered to be living documents. They are scheduled for regular content review so that recommendations remain current.

To find more information regarding our guideline development and aftercare process: click here.

Participation in guideline development and updating gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn about this type of knowledge translation work so that guidelines can continue to grow and improve at our centre.

Health professionals interested in participating in the development and review of CCMB guidelines: click here.

We value collaboration with our patients and their caregivers.

Patient input to Practice Tools for self-management is encouraged.

Regimen Reference Orders (RROs)

These are standardized, approved Practice Tools that are intended to assist healthcare professionals in Manitoba who provide drug treatments to cancer patients. Medical Oncologists and Hematologists submit required information about systemic cancer therapies to the Provincial Oncology Drug Program. Teams of pharmacists, nurses, and guideline developers then create the RROs as part of the formal Manitoba Oncology Drug Review Process.

An RRO provides: planned course of the drug or drug regimen, indication for use, whether a central venous access devise is required or recommended, blood work parameters to proceed with treatment, pre-treatment requirements, sequence of medication administration, dosing and drug administration instructions, monitoring parameters, discharge instructions and any notable information regarding the particular drug or drug regimen.

Please see Legal Disclosure for more information about the use of Regimen Reference Orders.

Legal Disclosure for CCMB Practice Guidelines and related evidence-informed Practice Tools

CCMB Practice Guidelines and related evidence-informed Practice Tools represent the consensus of CCMB professionals regarding their views of currently accepted approaches to treatment. These materials have been published so that qualified and licensed healthcare practitioners can consider this information in determining appropriate care or treatment for their patients. The publication of these materials by CCMB and the consequent knowledge of them by practitioners must not preclude use of a practitioner’s independent clinical judgment, nor must such publication and consequent knowledge replace the need for a practitioner to consult with the appropriate oncology care provider if warranted in a particular patient’s circumstances.

CCMB may update these materials at any time or from time to time, as it sees fit in its sole discretion. As a result, it is recommended that practitioners frequently consult this website to ensure that they are aware of the most recent Practice Guidelines and Practice Tools published by CCMB.