CancerCare Manitoba
Advanced Cancer and Palliative Care

CCMB Symptom Management and Palliative Care Physicians:
  • Dr. Paul Daeninck - Physician
  • Dr. Joel Gingerich - Physician
  • Pam Johnston - Nurse Practitioner

CCMB Pain Handout and Pain Diary

Download the pain handout and additional pain diaries.

Living with Advanced Cancer

The "Changing Focus: Living with Advanced Cancer" Initiative at CancerCare Manitoba is working to support advanced cancer patients and health care providers as patients transition into a primarily palliative approach to care.

A "transitional appointment" is conducted by the health care team at CancerCare Manitoba. At this appointment patients are provided with a package that includes their individual cancer history, standardized care plans, written information about palliative care and symptom management, unique issues for caregivers, as well as details about local supports and resources. The community primary care provider is provided with the patient's cancer history and a copy of the standardized care plan.

Through enhanced communication and planning we hope to avoid fragmentation and ensure patients are aware of what to expect in treatment.

This initiative has currently been rolled out for advanced lung and gynecology cancer patients. Work is underway with other patient groups. Stay tuned for updates on this website for additional tools and resources available for use.

To find out further information on this initiative or to refer your patients, go to

If you have questions about this initiative or about a specific part of the care plan, please contact us at

CCMB Palliative Care Referral Process

Palliative Care Services in Manitoba

  • Palliative care services are offered in each of Manitoba's Regional Health Authorities (RHAs).
  • To identify Palliative Care resources in your community, contact your Regional Health Authority. Each region health authority has developed their own palliative care application referral form.
  • Manitoba Health's Palliative Care Drug Access Program provides deductible-free medication for patients with advanced life-limiting illnesses receiving palliative-oriented care.
    • An application is required and should be forwarded to your RHA Palliative Care Coordinator.
  • The WRHA Palliative Care Program is a resource to the province of Manitoba. Health professionals experienced in managing complex palliative care issues are available 24 hours a day for consultation with other health-care professionals to assist in the care of adults and children with life-limiting illness, and to support health-care teams involved in their care. The WRHA Palliative Care Program Consult Poster provides information on how to access this support by phone.

CCMB Pain & Symptom Management

  • CancerCare Manitoba has dedicated clinics to assist cancer patients who are experiencing symptoms related to their cancer or cancer treatments. Criteria for these clinics are included in the document below.

Recommended On-line Palliative Care Resources

  • Canadian Virtual Hospice - the Canadian Virtual Hospice (CVH) is an internationally recognized resource for people dealing with life-threatening illness and loss. The website has excellent resources for health care providers.
  • is a Manitoba web site that contains information about palliative care topics, services in Winnipeg and Manitoba, and links to other palliative care organizations.

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

The CancerCare Manitoba MAiD policy can be found here: CCMB MAiD Policy

Additional helpful information about MAiD can also be found at the following websites: