CancerCare Manitoba
Medical Physics

Medical Physics
Room ON 2118
675 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3E 0V9
tel. (204) 787-4910
fax (204) 775-1684
Director: Medical Physics:
Jeff Bews, Ph.D., FCCPM  

Administrative Officer:
Luanne Scott
(204) 787-4910

Division Secretaries:
Candace Lippai
(204) 787-4906

Jovanka Halilovic
(204) 787-4145

Imaging & Radiation Protection:
Ingvar Fife, Ph.D.
(204) 787-2213

Radiotherapy Physics:
Boyd McCurdy, Ph.D. FCCPM
(204) 787-1804

The Division of Medical Physics at CancerCare Manitoba is unique in Canada in that it covers all aspects of cancer control:

  • Medical Devices
  • Nuclear Electronics
  • Radiation Protection
  • Imaging Physics, and
  • Radiotherapy Physics

Each of these services plays a unique and important role in supporting the broad Provincial Cancer Control mandate of CancerCare Manitoba. Operating within a matrix structure, Medical Physics staff work together with other departments within CancerCare Manitoba as well as with external organizations such as the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to play key roles in support of the provincial:
In addition to these clinical programs we also have an active:
  • Medical Physics Research Program
and support both undergraduate and graduate training programs:

Typical of the services provided by the Imaging Physics staff is the commissioning and accreditation of imaging equipment while the Radiation Protection Service regulates x-ray equipment in health care, academic facilities and industry. Nuclear Electronics provides full support for equipment maintenance and servicing to the CCMB Radiotherapy Program and to the WRHA Nuclear Medicine Programs and our ISO 9001 accredited Medical Devices Service manufactures high quality products for our own use as well as for other health care facilities. Radiation Therapy Physicists and Physics Associates ensure that the Radiation Therapy is optimally delivered while staff in all services support our research and training programs.

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For more information about Medical Physics, visit the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists or visit our career page if you are interested in a career as a Medical Physicist in Manitoba.