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Epidemiology & Cancer Registry

Epidemiology &
Cancer Registry

  • Room ON-2114
    675 McDermot Ave
    Winnipeg, MB R3E 0V9
    phone 204-787-2174
    fax 204-786-0628
  • Room CC-18
    825 Sherbrook St.
    fax 204-784-2879
  • email:

Provincial Director,
Population Oncology

Donna Turner, PhD

Executive Assistant, Population Oncology
Cancer Registry Manager
  • Gail Noonan, CTR

Director, Epidemiology
  • Al Artaman, MD PhD MHA

Administrative Assistant, Epidemiology & Cancer Registry
Cancer Registrars
  • Sheila Fukumura, CTR
    Senior Cancer Registrar
  • Sara Gray, CHIM, CTR
    Quality Control Coordinator
  • Melissa Scott, CHIM, CTR
    Senior Education Coordinator
  • Jennifer Cadger, HIT
  • Danielle Chalmers, CHIM, CTR
  • Angela Deneka, HIT
  • Terri-Lee Handel, CTR
  • Sharon Lawrence, HIT
  • Loriann Love, HIT
  • Joanna Panganiban, CHIM
  • Bree-Anne Rydzygowski, HIM
  • Margaret Schroeder, HIM
  • Thais Sousa, CHIM

  • Kathleen Decker, PhD
  • Oliver Bucher, MSc
  • Donna Turner, PhD

Programmer Analysts
  • Grace Musto, BSc
    Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Zeb Aurganzeb, PhD
  • Natalie Biswanger, BSc
  • Jen Bravo, MSc
  • Katie Galloway, MSc
  • Mary Natividad, BSc
  • Lin Xue, MSc

Health Outcomes Analysts
  • Pascal Lambert, MSc
  • Charlene Muzyka, MSc

Study Coordinators
  • Elizabeth Harland, MA
  • Iresha Ratnayake, BSc

Population Health & Research Project Manager
  • Cheryl Clague, CHIM


To reduce the burden of cancer in Manitoba, we must first study the patterns of this disease in our province and work to understand the reasons behind the trends.

The collection, organization, and analysis of a variety of population-based cancer data is the mission of the Department of Epidemiology & Cancer Registry at CancerCare Manitoba. This dedicated team of highly skilled experts transforms raw data into useful information that is used to develop programs to prevent cancer, detect it earlier or improve treatment.

The Department of Epidemiology & Cancer Registry is part of the Population Oncology portfolio, which also includes screening programs and First Nations, Metis and Inuit Cancer Control.

The Department's main functions include:
  • maintaining and constantly improving the Manitoba Cancer Registry's database with current up-to-date standards and coding classification systems
  • providing cancer data and consultation on statistical analysis and cancer epidemiology to CancerCare Manitoba, Manitoba Health, the University of Manitoba, provincial, national and international agencies and to the private sector
  • providing knowledge, data collection support, and analytical expertise to Manitoba Health, the Regional Health Authorities, and chronic disease stakeholders on cancer (and chronic disease) risk factors
  • undertaking surveillance, analytical, and evaluative epidemiological research (including analyzing and interpreting data on cancer incidence, mortality and outcomes, and research into the causes and prevention of cancer)
  • collaborating with health service providers and other researchers in risk factors, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and outcome evaluations as well as in other health services research
  • participating in the education and training of graduate students and residents

The Department also holds a variety of local, national and international research grants and contracts. Over the last five years, the Department has been involved in at least 50 of these vital projects bringing in $3,346,753 to CancerCare Manitoba and its research partners.

Funding has been provided by many national and provincial agencies including:
  • Canadian Institutes for Health Research
  • Health Canada
  • Statistics Canada
  • Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • CancerCare Manitoba Foundation
  • Manitoba Medical Services Foundation
  • Manitoba Health Research Council
  • Health Sciences Centre Innovation and Opportunities Fund
  • American Cancer Society